Jane I

Jane I

As a result of studying this course, I am much more comfortable selecting cabinetry colours and wall colour choices for our homeowners.

I have worked in our family renovation business, Distinct Renovations, for over 5 years and have gradually developed a love for interior design and styling.

I came from a business background and was unfamiliar with interior design and styling fundamentals. I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself in this space to add value beyond just a building service to our clients/ homeowners.

I stumbled across The Professional Interior Design Course offered online. This was perfect for me as I had a business to run, and I am a mother of two young girls who were not at full-time school when I started my studies. The flexibility of learning was a must! This course can be done in your own time with no time pressure, and the Academy staff are on hand via email or phone whenever you need it. The tutors are very quick to respond to queries and mark assignments. It took me a year to complete the course as my commitments were through the roof when I started as we had just experienced a massive boom in the construction industry.

The Professional Interior Design Course has given me a great foundation to build from. I have learned plenty relating to the interior design industry, from a business start-up to where a couch should be positioned in a lounge room. All my learnings will be valuable and referred to going forward while running Distinct Renovations.

One of the initial tutorials was on colours. I was always nervous when it came to selecting colours. This tutorial thoroughly explained the breakdown of the colour wheel and all the different types of colour schemes you can work with. As a result of studying this course, I am much more comfortable selecting cabinetry colours and wall colour choices for our homeowners.

The area of this course that has helped me significantly in running Distinct Renovations with my husband was the teachings around how to develop your client’s brief, what questions to ask and what to relay back to them once you had your first meeting. The tutorials on these topics provide a step-by-step process to follow and outline suggested price structures. This will help me immensely as we start to delve more into interior design services in our company.

The other thing that I loved about this course was that it was not tailored to one pathway within the industry. The course content explored many different sub-industries such as commercial, real estate staging, minor home renovations as well as furnishing and more.

Overall, this is a great foundational course to start if you are not sure what path you will be taking into interior design. The Professional Interior Design Course gives you the fundamentals and educates you enough to be more confident in your interior design talents.

I highly recommend the course.


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