Make The Most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Today marks the official start of one of the biggest local and international retail sales. The Black Friday sales provide shoppers with the chance to grab goods greatly discounted over one weekend. These sales spill over into Cyber Monday, a recent counterpart to the event, which offers even further deals to online shoppers.

Originally USA based, the weekend has Aussie retailers tapping into the action and we have responded. Experts estimate $320M in sales over this 72 hour period.

From electronics and appliances to homeware and whitegoods, there are deals across the market to excite interior designers and bring benefits to your clients. It is a chance to indulge in big ticket items that may not have previously made it into a project’s budget.

Here some helpful hints to ensure you win in the sales:

Start Now

You will have noticed that your inbox has already filled with Black Friday sale deals that have commenced. If you didn’t get a head start, make sure you don’t miss out on items that have already been available at a discounted rate.

Register with a deal tracker

A deal tracker like will do the hard work for you by sending new offers and top sales straight to your inbox. It only takes a few seconds to register and will save you valuable time researching, or even missing, important sales. Then you can flick on any that are relevant to your valuable clients.

Write a list

It’s important to have an essential purchases list with your client before embarking on the shopping adventure. Note that you won’t be saving them money if you go in to buy bedding and walk away with a fabulous deal on a 1000 thread bundle, as well as a knockout price on a 55 inch LED Smart TV – when they didn’t need the upgrade. It’s easy to impulse buy when we see things at great prices, but air your professionalism. Rule of thumb: it’s only a bargain if you are buying something you’ve planned to buy.

Do your research

You need to be savvy about the price drops stores advertise and what their discounts are really based upon. It’s a good idea do some research into a specific item to see what it has been selling for throughout the year and in a variety of different stores. A price comparison website, such as is one way to do this. Use your wit and know that stores are likely to inflate prices around October. Also keep in mind that stores will be wanting to get rid of extra out-of-season stock at bargain prices. This is a great opportunity to stock up items that may have a trend cycle.

Stay vigilant

This event is for retailers to make money and for shoppers to save money. And everyone will want their piece of the pie. It pays to be wary – whether this be double checking the security of a website or keeping your distance from overexcited shoppers making their way to the checkout – make sure you put safety first. Always check the return policies on purchased items and take the time to read the fine print.

Find the calm

It can be easy to get caught up in the hype of once-a-year sales which can ultimately cause stress and anxiety and even disappointment. Premediate this by being prepared with a flexible plan. If a client has their heart set on a marble coffee table, do your research prior and have a backup plan just in case it sells out. To avoid crowds and the chaos this weekend’s sales may bring, venture online in a calm environment instead.

Cyber Monday

Originally Cyber Monday came about after the Black Friday sales were over and everyone was left panicking that they should have bought all their Christmas presents. Recently however, the sales have rolled into one, with a shopping experience for everyone.

The savvy online shopper is sure to snag a bargain in a quiet environment while making calculated purchase decisions without having to leave the comfort of their home. To avoid website cookies that track your searches and target your budget, we recommend that you operate your browser with an incognito window.

Even if you are shopping for a revamp of your own interior, keep your previous clients in mind and forward through any sale links that you know that they would be interested in – it might be the link to your next project with them.