How To Win In 25 Words Or Less

25-Words-or-Less competitions give everyone a chance to win by being a game of skill rather than a game of chance.  All too often however, when pen hits paper or fingers hit keyboard, writers’ block strikes.

Given that you now have the opportunity to win a full scholarship for The Professional Interior Design Course, you might be asking yourself – is it really that difficult to write 25 words to win the prize?  Not if you follow these foolproof tips.  

Stick to the word limit

It may sound obvious, but when a competition requires your answer in 25 words or less, them the rules! Sending in 6 paragraphs of text telling the story of how you have always longed to undertake an interior design course will definitely get you noticed – but, for all the wrong reason. In fact, it’s likely the judges won’t even take the time to read your entry.

People often get carried away in wanting to be sure they tell their story, they end up talking themselves right out of the running. Be clever with a concise use of words to get your message across to win the full scholarship to the Professional Interior Design Course.

Answer the question

You would be surprised how many people lose their way when trying to find their creative side.  Make sure you understand what the question is asking, write your definitive answer and then get imaginative with your response.

If it’s your dream to be an interior designer, then really get to the crux of why and let the judges feel it… Captain Obvious has left the building!

Think outside the box

Your response needs to be a standout.  In a sea of hundreds of entries, why would the judges pick you to win this interior design course?  The answer is easy -because you’ve tapped into your creative side – used poetry, added a rhyme or made them laugh.  Humour can win a grin and maybe, even the competition.

For instance, if you’ve been rearranging furniture since you were 6, telling the tale with powerful imagery could have this interior design course at your fingertips. These competitions often have a feel-good vibe so sob stories won’t cut it. Don’t get caught up in honesty – this is just your chance to create the right answer.

Know the company

Understanding the company offering the prize will ultimately shape your response and making a reference to that prize will likely grab the judges’ attention.  So do your research.  Read the terms and conditions to understand how you will be judged.

In this instance, visit The Interior Design Academy’s website, read testimonials, understand what the course entails to show you are truly interested.