Curated spaces such as hotels, bars and cafes can offer great inspiration

Seek Out Curated Spaces

Some of the easiest places to find examples of interior design are businesses that have paid good money to make their spaces attractive to customers! Take a look around trendy areas to find the latest styles, or typically well off locales to see the most luxurious finishes… and grab a drink while you soak it all in

plants bring life to any interior space

Plants Bring Life

Plants have had a recent resurgence in popularity in stylish homes everywhere! But did you know that indoor plants have been found to boost productivity? Practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Coco Chanel interior design quote

Coco Chanel on Interiors

Coco Chanel once said “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” If it’s good enough for Chanel, It’s good enough for us! Bring some soul to your day job, and learn everything you need to get started on a creative new job path as an interior designer.

design tip - never enough cushions

You Can Never Have Too Many Cushions

Looking for a way to keep your decor up to date without spending a fortune? Changing your cushion covers to match current trends is an inexpensive way to instantly change the mood of a room, much easier than buying new furniture every season!

how to win a 25 words of less competition

How To Win In 25 Words Or Less

25-Words-or-Less competitions give everyone a chance to win – a game of skill, not a game of chance. However, when pen hits paper, the brain often freezes. Get the right tips to win!

3 interior design secrets revealed

3 Interior Design Secrets You Never Knew

Shhh! The pros won’t like it but we’re letting you in on interior design secrets you never knew. Add these into your repertoire of interior design go-tos for a sure-fire way to impress your clients and make your name in the industry.