use a round rug as a spotlight

Round Rug Spotlight

A circular rug is always a great way to help make a statement, a little bit like a permanent spotlight. Use the rug to draw the eye to a feature piece, placed in the centre. Just make sure that the rug colour has enough contrast with the floor to truly demand attention!

the secret life of ceiling roses

Secret Life of Ceiling Roses

Do you know the secretive history of this common decorative feature? The rose has symbolised secrecy since Roman times, and hanging a rose over a meeting table became a sign of confidentiality and free speech in the Middle Ages. This later led to rose designs being physically carved into the ceilings, and over time the phrase came to refer to this ornate moulding (whether or not a rose actually features in the design!)…

Rounded edges and circular forms were a strong trend at the recent 2018 Salon de Mobile

Rounded Forms at the Salon de Mobile

Rounded edges and circular forms were a strong trend at the recent 2018 Salon de Mobile (a trade show in Milan that often sets worldwide trends). These plump ovular shapes give a friendly, comfortable appearance to any setting. The cartoonish quality of these forms also creates a great contrast with more angular pieces.

The humble bedhead can be a standout feature

Stand Out With A Bedhead

While often overlooked, the perfect bedhead can be the standout feature of a room! Styles range from rectangular panels to ornate curves, including quilted or panelled designs, or even shelving. Popular fabrics include linen for a minimal look, or velvet for those who prefer to go full luxe. However, a simple timber style can be just as striking!

it's the little things that turn a house into a home

Turn A House Into A Home

A room can have the most luxurious furniture in the world – but without the smaller finishing touches it is likely to have a cold, empty atmosphere. Don’t forget details such as wall art, cushions, and personal items to give a warmer, lived-in feel

design tip: pull together artwork with a theme

Theme Your Art Wall

To get a polished look for your gallery wall, pick a theme or colour scheme to link the different pieces. This example shows some strong, graphic pieces with a bit of vintage kitsch, all drawn together by dominant colours black, white and red. Try to mix it up and have fun with it!