Student Stories

Lorena O

The Professional Interior Design Course offered by The Interior Design Academy has given me the confidence to pursue interior design as my chosen career.

After spending some 20 years in sales and marketing and always having a flair for interiors and styling, I decided that I needed to pursue my passion. Part of the problem for me was that I wasn’t quite sure what my niche would be. Would I focus on decorating, property styling or perhaps it would be kitchen & bathroom design? I just wasn’t sure.

Having now completed the course I know that my niche is pre-sale makeovers and cosmetic renovations. Not only do I love it this part of the industry but I have already had some truly amazing successes.

I am about to work on my next commission and I have to say The Professional Interior Design Course has certainly given me the tools and confidence to achieve my goals.

I’m so grateful to my tutor (and the Academy) for always being available to answer questions and for pushing me to work harder. My tutor motivated me to keep researching and never rest on my laurels!

Thank you to The Interior Design Academy, the in-depth course and resource materials actually gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and allowed me to “hone” the skills I knew I had. I was sceptical that an online course could give me the knowledge that I needed to pursue this very competitive industry – it did one better…this method of learning actually cemented my belief in myself!

I am well on to my way to making a six-figure salary with another five commissions that I’m currently working on just for this year. I looked at The Interior Design Academy as an investment in my career, one that is already proving to be very lucrative.



Lorena O
After spending some 20 years in sales and marketing and always having a flair for interiors and styling, I decided that I needed to pursue my passion...

Lorena O