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Marie M

I have always been a creative person and I’ve loved working with people. Having completed a fashion design course when I was younger, I have always had a love of fabric, colour and texture. In later years, my real passion has been building and decorating houses. Having had my children when I was young, they were always my main priority. Now in their 20s, I decided it was time pursue my dream of becoming an interior designer.

I chose to complete the course online. Being a person that has had no interest or knowledge of computers, this was my first big challenge. Now, I order art work, lamps and the likes from around the world online. The course was great to do online and any assignment I felt I could not do electronically, I sent through the mail. There was no problem with this and it worked well for me.

I remember once trying to solve a problem I had, so I picked up the phone to speak to one of the staff the problem was sorted and I thought I should have phoned earlier as the staff were so friendly and helpful. Also how wonderful to have an interior designer on hand to ask any questions, mine was Simon Savage thanks so much Simon. It is also comforting to know in the early stages of my business that I can still pick the phone up to ask any questions I have.

I have learnt so much from the course. It covers colour, design, lighting, wholesale contacts, charging  and all the do’s and don’ts of running an interior design business and much, much more.  The course was self-paced, so I submitted an assignment once a month. This enabled me to be setting up my business as I went along with no pressure. I was three quarters the way through the course when I started to get clients without even advertising. Word of mouth spread that I was completing my course and the work started to come in.

Life became a bit hectic but it has been a fantastic journey. The money I have earned from my interior design business has well and truly paid for my course fees.

I love having my own business “Inspirational Interiors” and thank the academy for giving me the confidence to start my own business.


Marie M
The money I have earned from my interior design business has well and truly paid for my course fees. I love having my own business, “Inspirational Interiors”

Marie M

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