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Shae M

An immense feeling of joy and accomplishment swept over me as I read the word ‘PASS’ on my final assessment feedback for the Professional Interior Design Course.

After reading the first tutorial, I knew this was going to be a great journey of theoretical and practical learning. Each tutorial is so precise and full of useful information. The material was the easy to read and the information was provided in such an immaculate structure that I was hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and assignment. I also found the ongoing support and feedback from my tutor was invaluable.

I am lucky to have such a great support system in my friends and family and they happily took time out to be my client base for the duration of the Course. Those who are closest to me are very proud to say that they have an accredited interior designer in their network. In fact, I have been recruited by my cousin who has just bought a rundown investment property that needs some serious TLC. This will be a great start to my portfolio!

I am also very lucky to have a close friend who has his own interior design label ‘Black Canvas’ in which he specialises in beautifully immaculate kitchen designs. We have discussed the possibility of working together in the near future and I would take on the role as his colour consultant/assistant designer.

At the moment, I am in the process of building my first home and it’s like a blank canvas to apply my newly acquired skills in interior design and decoration. This means that I can work closely with my builder and developers and gain onsite knowledge as well as play a huge part in the building and design of my dream home. This will be my first real job and as for the payment – the extreme satisfaction of loving the space I live in will be priceless.

From here I plan to broaden my knowledge by learning from the most experienced of designers. I also plan to eventually branch out and offer my services solo. I have also created a name for my label that I can proudly say is my own. The Interior Design Academy has given me the confidence to do this.

My dream is to be the boss of my own company and manage a brilliant, thriving interior design business. I want to share my passion for design with the world. I am definitely on the right path after completing The Professional Interior Design Course.

I would highly recommend anybody who has a passion for all things design to do this course.

Things can only go up from here!

Shae M
My dream is to be the boss of my own company and manage a brilliant, thriving interior design business. I am definitely on the right path after completing The Professional Interior Design Course.

Shae M

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