I love working as an interior stylist, and without the knowledge from this interior design course, it would have never been possible.

Since school, I have had a passion and enthusiasm for interiors but always felt a job in interior design was near impossible to achieve. I decided it was best to follow my other passion, contemporary art, and pursued an education in that field. Whilst studying Fine Art at University, I still longed to break into the interior design industry. My sister discovered The Interior Design Academy and surprised me with the course guide for the Professional Interior Design Course.

I was elated to find out that as The Professional Interior Design Course is achieved through correspondence. This made it possible to complete my course whilst continuing my studies at university. Another great thing about this interior design course was that it was self-paced, which meant I was able to take my time and juggle my life and my studies without feeling overwhelmed. I found my tutor’s advice invaluable and still often reflect back on my assignments when I am in need of ideas or inspiration.

Second, to my love of interiors is my love of travel. After graduating, I bought a one-way ticket to England. It was in the busy city of London that I was given my first chance of working in the interior design industry. After a few months of searching, I secured my dream job being an interior stylist for professional photo shoots of beautiful London homes.

Thanks to my studies with The Interior Design Academy, I got to spend my days running all over London, visiting some of its wealthiest and most interesting properties (not to mention the owners!). I felt immensely lucky to be invited into some amazing homes and trusted to curate beautiful photo shoots using the owner’s belongings. It was this position that taught me how to evaluate what it actually is that makes a space unique and inviting, and how to convey stories using objects found in the home. Being rewarded with the beautiful photographs at the end was icing on the cake.

When the time came to return home to Australia, I moved to Sydney where I currently live and work as an interior stylist. I work for a number of different companies curating photo shoots, sourcing furniture and decorating residential spaces for my design clients.

I love working as an interior stylist and without the knowledge from this interior design course it would have never been possible. The opportunities that can arise for you if you channel your creative energy into an exciting course like the Professional Interior Design Course are amazingly wide and varied. Only you can make your dreams reality with this first step.

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