Elisha B

Elisha B

I have now been working in the industry 9 months and can you believe it? I have now been promoted to Head Interior Designer!

My dream job had always lurked in the back of my mind; I desperately wanted to be an interior designer, but lacked the qualifications. Instead, cold weather, cold work environment and cold prospects was my vision. Real estate to me was just a way of earning a living, not enjoying one.

My mum, who also worked in real estate, always enticed me to improve my situation, she said “Elisha, it’s not you; you can be so much more”. She would sometimes depress me even more by reminding me of my childhood. When we moved house, as soon as the furniture removalist would bring in the furniture, I’d be the first to start arranging everything. Every couple of months

I used to hassle Mum to allow me to change my room around because I’d get “bored”.

I knew study was the only option, but how? If I were to undertake study, it would have to be full time, and I’d have to work extra hard to get results that would satisfy me. One Saturday, while looking for jobs in the paper, I saw an advertisement for an interior design course through The Interior Design Academy.

After making some enquiries, I discovered that I could complete my course in under 6 months through studying by correspondence. This suited me perfectly; I was on my way!

My life had taken a turn for the better at the ripe age of 21, and I knew I was on my way to a happier future! The following September, I quit my lousy job as a property manager and began to concentrate on completing the course, so I could soon fulfil a career in interior design.

About three weeks down the track, I met a student architect who worked for a local architectural company. I told her of my studies with The Interior Design Academy, and my intentions to become involved in the industry. Two days later, I had a call from the Interior designer of the practice – offering me a job as an assistant! I was over the moon! I finally had my foot in the door!

The following week I was Assistant Interior Designer. I have now been here 9 months and can you believe it? I have now been promoted to Head Interior Designer!

I have started interacting with the architects and working on a number of large projects, including aged-care facilities, schools and some residential work. Mind you, it’s not as glamorous as it may seem. There is a lot of knowledge to acquire, and hard work involved – more than I thought! I can’t wait to view my first completed project; it will be fantastic to see the final result!

The industry was everything I’d expected it to be and that’s all thanks to The Interior Design Academy. I have learned an enormous amount in the time I have been here, through both study and work.

Without the assistance of my Tutor and Student Co-ordinators at The Interior Design Academy, I would not have been prepared for the challenge ahead. Although, to me, the challenge is worth it, because I know the rewards can be satisfying; both emotionally and financially.

Studying with The Interior Design Academy was a pleasure. I was provided with all necessary information and time to complete assignments, it was affordable and convenient! My tutor always kept me informed, sent my assignments back promptly, gave constructive criticism.

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