Mariella K

Mariella K

My tutor, Simon Savage, was available at any time needed, providing me with decisive encouragement and advice.. I can truly say he was my lifeline!

I enrolled in the Professional Interior Design Course with the intention of gaining some accredited knowledge in the fields of interior design and colour consultancy.

I was somewhat apprehensive at first, being a full-time mother with three children and a household to maintain. However, the structure of this correspondence course allowed me to successfully complete it without the stress of a rigid college course with set hours.

The course was structured in 12 tutorials with achievable goals. Given that the Academy allows you up to 12 months to complete your course, I found it quite manageable to maximise my time and get the most out of each tutorial. The cost of the course was also very competitive, with easy monthly instalment payments which did not restrict my cash flow.

During the course of my studies I found myself becoming adept in planning, with the ability to do my own design plans. The course also enhanced my skills in colour design.

My tutor, Simon Savage, assessed each tutorial promptly with constructive and beneficial remarks concerning my work. Simon was available at any time needed, providing me with decisive encouragement and advice.. I can truly say he was my lifeline!

As each tutorial progressed I gained confidence in the work I was achieving. On completion of the course, I found that having sourced different suppliers and companies to meet different aspects of the tutorials, I had amassed a huge portfolio of contacts ranging from paint suppliers to fabric merchants, door, window, floor and wall suppliers.

I have now confidently formed a home-based colour consultancy and interior design business. I am more than happy to say I have also experienced that first nerve-wrecking experience – successfully completing my first paying job! I also have a very happy customer who I consider the roots of my business.

This first paying job involved a colour consultation for an interior. I was able to present my client with professional colour boards, quotes and paint specifications.

With regard to the many benefits of this course which I have mentioned and the many that I haven’t, I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to a broad section of individuals interested in the field of interior design.

The course is monitored by industry practitioners and qualified educators. It is structured to give graduates all the necessary skills to step into successful careers. Yet, it is simplified enough for people such as myself, a mother who has been out of the workforce for a number of years, or students looking for a career direction.

Keeping all this in mind. together with the reasonable cost of the course, the invaluable support of your tutor and the many contacts you will attain, I believe this is truly one of the better correspondence courses available.

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