Michael B

Michael B

I have completed the first projects for Späce Wellbeing Design, my interior design company, and launched my website.

Looking to enter the exciting and multi-faceted world of interior design professionally, I searched for an online interior design course. I was looking for a recognised course that would give me a good understanding of the fundamentals of interior design, as well as highlight some of the opportunities that might be available to a budding interior designer.

What influenced my decision and motivated me to apply to The Interior Design Academy was the clear and interesting way the course was explained and laid out. This included the pricing plan, which was transparent with no hidden extras. I could clearly see that participation in the course would be beneficial to my understanding of interior design.

The course and assignments were divided into logical tutorials, each one building on knowledge gained from the previous one. As the course progressed, I could feel that I was becoming more knowledgeable. Skills learned in one tutorial were often required to complete a future assignment. Seeing design project work examples from previous students was also inspiring, as it brought reality to the course and served to help me create my vision for interior design.

Lisa, my personal tutor, is highly experienced, and her professional and clear input and advice helped me grow my skills and confidence as an interior design professional. The Academy staff were always polite and quick to respond.

Participating in The Professional Interior Design Course from the other side of the world (I am based in Prague) opened my mind to the idea that I could work online as an interior design professional in some way or another. The tutorials and the assignments instigated my thought process as to a preferred personal direction to pursue in the world of interior design. As the course progressed, I began to see which direction I could naturally see myself going in. I am a certified corporate wellbeing expert, and the correlation and relation between wellbeing and design seemed logical.

Wellbeing in interior design is just one new facet of interior design that is expanding currently. The idea and subject of introducing wellbeing into interior design is not new and highlighted in the many articles I researched and read while participating in the course, which is also another benefit I gained from my studies.

I have completed the first projects for Späce Wellbeing Design, my interior design company, and launched my website. Although the first commissions focused on what best be described as classic design and staging projects, another goal for the company is to act as an advisor, content sharer and marketer for interior design products and materials focusing on wellbeing in design

Now that I have completed The Professional Interior Design Course and have begun my fascinating journey in the world of interior design, I would like to say a big thanks to everyone at the Academy, especially Academy Registrar Erin and my tutor, Lisa. I can highly recommend The Interior Design Academy.



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