Joanne E

Joanne E

Since graduating, I have been concentrating on refurbishing my small business – 6 accommodation units and the restaurant which opens to the public.

In simple terms, The Professional Interior Design Course offered by The Interior Design Academy is amazing. Upon receiving the first tutorial and reading the notes, enthusiasm and excitement took over my emotions. I instantly said to myself, “this is exactly what I have been looking for!”

The course itself is completely rewarding as well as challenging. It’s also very well explained and you have a great support network from the Academy.

The design of the course also allows the opportunity to research further into subjects of interest by providing links, contacts and literature references, enabling you to do so. In this course, you will discover your creative side. It will also take you on a personal journey and, once discovered, open your creative mind where you continue to see things so differently.

Upon completing the course and the reward of your qualifications, you surprisingly have so much confidence to dare yourself to experiment to find your own design style.

Since graduating, I have been concentrating on refurbishing my small business – 6 accommodation units and a restaurant that opens to the public. The building was originally built in 1900 and I’m incorporating a quirky twist to the design where the old meets the new. For example, the bar and grill combine dark interior timbers with funky, black and white themed tiles.

We are sensitive here due to COVID, so our borders open and close pending on what happens in Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland (where most of our visitors come from). However, we are very busy from these destinations due to international borders being closed.

I am desperately waiting to travel and explore all design possibilities on the mainland, to launch my own design and branding with the intent when the time is right. An opportunity to be part of a photoshoot for the design of furniture for a catalogue is also a possibility, pending the border conditions to Melbourne when the time comes. I have also helped the local real estate with styling a local resort. It’s all so exciting and I can wait to break into it.

I truly recommend anyone who is yearning for creativity to apply without delay and begin their creative journey.


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