Kellie G

Kellie G

Being employed in an area that I am passionate about and waking up excited to ‘go to work’, is an amazing sensation.

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed ‘playing’ with furniture. As a young child, I would beg my parents to change the look of my bedroom walls, with a fresh coat of paint, in a colour of my choosing. I would then proceed to independently move everything around until I was happy with the new layout. As an adult, I enjoy nothing more than giving each area of my home a regular, fresh facelift. I love experimenting with various styles to achieve an eclectic, pleasing balance.

I have been a teacher for the past 28 years. I knew in my heart however, that I was ready for a change and made the decision that now was the time to turn my lifelong passion into a fulfilling career. I started to search online for interior design courses but became disheartened, as many of the courses were very time consuming and involved attending classes. This was not a viable option for me at this stage of my life - a married mother of three and living in a rural area, a great distance away from any of these institutions.

Then my husband came across an advertisement for The Professional Interior Design Course offered by The Interior Design Academy’. Excitedly, I sent away for the course guide and I quickly realised that this course was exactly what I had been searching for. I chose to receive the course via mail, rather than online, as the internet coverage in our area is questionable at times. I found the course to be laid out in a very clear, concise and easy to read format and I looked forward to receiving each section, as it arrived.

The course itself was incredibly thorough in its content. I enjoyed reading through the various sections and gleaning all I could from the extensive information. I approached each of the eight assessments with excitement and anticipation. Not only did the assessments help to consolidate the content I was reading, but they also gave me an opportunity to put it into action. I understood that one day, in my ‘interior design future’, I would be using these types of skills on a regular basis. This kept me motivated and gave each assessment a greater purpose.

I was amazed at the amount of feedback I received for each of my assessments. My incredible tutor went above and beyond my expectations. She would focus initially on the work I had submitted and then provide me with general information and lists of relevant contacts. Both my tutor and The Academy regularly encouraged me to submit any questions I had, either in by email or by directly phoning the office. They always responded in a timely manner and could not do enough to assist. I was impressed with their ultimate professionalism and approachable, caring nature towards their students. This instilled in me the sense that l was very much a part of the Academy, even though it was a correspondence course.

I appreciated the flexibility of The Professional Interior Design Course. The nature of the course allows students to take up to two years to complete the entire course. As my family and I travelled around Australia, for a substantial period, I was extremely grateful for this flexible timeline.

Completing the course gave me such a sense of achievement. It provided me with everything I could need to feel confident to begin a new career in interior design. As a woman in her late forties, I would recommend this course to anyone, irrespective of age, who has the desire and passion to either enhance their hobby or embark upon a career in this industry. The initial course fee is very reasonable, competitive and well worth every penny. Take the plunge and dive in…you will not be disappointed!

Since completing the course, I have had the opportunity to independently ‘stage’ a client’s home for sale. The double storey house was a 4 bedroom + study in an upcoming area. I was able to use many of the skills that I had learned through the course and it was wonderful to put this knowledge into action. Seeing the joy on the faces of my clients upon completion of a room is beyond words!

In the near future, I will be helping another client to furnish a home that he has recently renovated. I will be assisting him to make decisions about colours, soft furnishings and artworks for the various spaces. This type of opportunity feels like a dream come true for me. Being employed in an area that I am passionate about and waking up excited to ‘go to work’, is an amazing sensation.

I am very grateful to The Interior Design Academy, for providing me with all I need to go forward in this new season of my life. There is always an element of uncertainty and possible scepticism when embarking on a new venture, but the course exceeded every expectation I had and quickly put any fears or nerves at bay. I now feel well-equipped to step into my new career in interior design and look forward to the future with hope and anticipation.

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