Inject corporate and hospitality spaces with a bit of fun

Inject Some Fun Into Corporate Spaces

While we might think of corporate or hospitality spaces as being bland, the tide is changing. With corporate culture becoming more casual, and businesses attempting to attract trendy millennials, interiors that look more like your local hipster coffee spot are becoming more common. Don’t be afraid to add in quirky touches to make it unique!

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral

Living Coral 2019

Living Coral is hitting 2019 with a rosy new outlook. This bright, energetic hue is said to create a convivial atmosphere that encourages human connection. What do you think about this peachy colour trend?

light coloured floors are making a comeback

Light-Coloured Floors

In 2019, flooring in shades from birch to light oak will be right on trend. These brighter hues literally reflect more light, lifting darker spaces, and can be incorporated into a range of looks.

Rounded edges and circular forms were a strong trend at the recent 2018 Salon de Mobile

Rounded Forms at the Salon de Mobile

Rounded edges and circular forms were a strong trend at the recent 2018 Salon de Mobile (a trade show in Milan that often sets worldwide trends). These plump ovular shapes give a friendly, comfortable appearance to any setting. The cartoonish quality of these forms also creates a great contrast with more angular pieces.

Wine inspired tones are a big interior design colour trend in 2018

Wine-Inspired Tones

Moving on from blushed hues, wine-inspired tones are the next big trend in the pink/red family. These colours all incorporate a dash of purple (the colour of the year) to add a touch of sophistication. Your inspiration can be anything from a peachy pink Rosé to a deep ruby Merlot.

design tip: wire mesh is a hot office trend

Wire Mesh Trend

Wire grid memo boards have become a popular trend for creative office spaces, perfect for clipping up notes and inspiration. The style is practical and aesthetically pleasing, also echoing the grid prints that are currently on trend in the fashion sphere.

design tip: use a patterned rug as unique wall art

Unique Wall Art

Wall hangings such as traditional loom weaving, fibre art, macrame and tapestries have come back into style recently. One easy way to get this look is to find a small rug that has enough visual interest to hang on the wall as art. This can also help to bring colour and softness into a room that might otherwise be quite bare

the difference between bare and minimal interior design tip

The Difference Between Bare and Minimal

What’s the secret to achieving a minimal look without appearing simply unfinished or clinical? Start with a well-lit space, stick to high-quality pieces in neutral tones and add natural materials such as wood, rattan and stone. Finish with some rich but uncluttered details – think a touch of gold on a picture frame or a textured woven basket.