"Paint a room white and you have a blank canvas for anything" - Rachel Ashwell quote

Rachel Ashwell on Blank Canvases

It may seem like a cop-out for an interior designer to paint walls white – but the truth is that white cannot be overlooked as a versatile, goes-with-everything shade that doesn’t date and makes spaces feel larger and more open. This also leaves clients with more options for the future when they want to freshen up the space.

Charles Eames interior design quote

Charles Eames on Pursuing Your Passion

Charles Eames is a well-known modernist American designer and architect, famous for creating many iconic furniture styles (such as the now ubiquitous Eames chair). He believed that putting in the effort is all that is required for success, and we have to agree with him!

interior design quote albert hadley on decoration

Albert Hadley on Defining Decoration

Interior design is all about making a space work for your client. Being up to date with current trends can help to keep your look contemporary, but this will always take a back seat to knowledge of design fundamentals such as colour theory, constructing floor plans, lighting and more. Anyone can copy a picture they find in a magazine, but to actually make that look work in a new context is where the challenge really lies.

Coco Chanel interior design quote

Coco Chanel on Interiors

Coco Chanel once said “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” If it’s good enough for Chanel, It’s good enough for us! Bring some soul to your day job, and learn everything you need to get started on a creative new job path as an interior designer.