Give new life to charming vintage finds

Give New Life To Vintage Finds

Sometimes all it takes is a creative mind to turn trash into treasure! For example, this old ladder might not be safe to use for it’s original purpose, but looks great used as a rack for throw blankets.

design tip: a creative work space encourages creative work

Creative Space = Creative Work

When working in a creative industry like interiors, it helps to operate in a space that sets the right tone. A drab grey room with poor lighting is unlikely to encourage your imagination!

design tip: keep your eyes open for inspiration

Keep Your Eyes Open

As a designer, a good skill to practice is being observant of your surroundings. When you see something that sparks your imagination, just snap a photo or write a note. Taking inspiration from places other than the interior design world, such as the colour scheme from a street mural, is likely to result in more original designs.

Curated spaces such as hotels, bars and cafes can offer great inspiration

Seek Out Curated Spaces

Some of the easiest places to find examples of interior design are businesses that have paid good money to make their spaces attractive to customers! Take a look around trendy areas to find the latest styles, or typically well off locales to see the most luxurious finishes… and grab a drink while you soak it all in