Colour is the least expensive thing to put in a house

Choosing Bold Colour

Go bold or go home! Nothing transforms a room like a lick of paint, especially in a standout colour. However, don’t go down this route out of a pure desire to be “on trend”. Advise clients to focus on choosing colours they simply love, and suit the space, as these will stand the test of time. Nobody wants to be repainting every year or two!

light coloured floors are making a comeback

Light-Coloured Floors

In 2019, flooring in shades from birch to light oak will be right on trend. These brighter hues literally reflect more light, lifting darker spaces, and can be incorporated into a range of looks.

coordinate your christmas colour scheme to existing decor

Christmas Colour Scheme

A simple way to ensure that your Christmas decor matches with your existing interior is to choose a colour that is prominent in you home and incorporate it into your Christmas colour scheme. For example, the yellow gold of this armchair is reflected in the decorations on the tree, easily creating visual harmony.

blue and grey are perfect colours for a calm, restful bedroom

Blue and Grey for Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be a place of rest and relaxation, and colour can have a big influence on our mental state. If you need some inspiration, greys and blues are a great option as they instil a sense of order and calm. Adding gentle prints and textures will keep it interesting without shocking the system.

mixed prints don't always have to match

Mixed Prints

Want to bring a more relaxed feel to your graphic black and white prints? The blue/green tones used in this space enhance the room with contrasting intricate textures that create depth. Paired with the pale wood colour, the room has a light and playful feel.

The perks of physical sample boards

Physical Sample Boards

Digital sample boards are becoming more common, as a convenient option for interior designers to whip up in a pinch. However, to really bring the “mood” to your board, a physical version has the benefit of providing the tactile experience of each sample. You can also add in extra touches to enhance the “vibe” and make reference to your inspiration – this example uses fresh chillies to complement the glossy red tiles of a kitchen/dining area.

use a round rug as a spotlight

Round Rug Spotlight

A circular rug is always a great way to help make a statement, a little bit like a permanent spotlight. Use the rug to draw the eye to a feature piece, placed in the centre. Just make sure that the rug colour has enough contrast with the floor to truly demand attention!

Get Creative With Kids Rooms

Get Creative With Kids Rooms

Kids rooms can be some of the most fun projects to receive as an interior designer. They allow you to use a bit more creativity in attempting to spark their curiosity and imagination. Just make sure that it can be easily adapted as they get older – think wall stickers instead of a painted mural!

the secret life of ceiling roses

Secret Life of Ceiling Roses

Do you know the secretive history of this common decorative feature? The rose has symbolised secrecy since Roman times, and hanging a rose over a meeting table became a sign of confidentiality and free speech in the Middle Ages. This later led to rose designs being physically carved into the ceilings, and over time the phrase came to refer to this ornate moulding (whether or not a rose actually features in the design!)…

Give new life to charming vintage finds

Give New Life To Vintage Finds

Sometimes all it takes is a creative mind to turn trash into treasure! For example, this old ladder might not be safe to use for it’s original purpose, but looks great used as a rack for throw blankets.