The perks of physical sample boards

Physical Sample Boards

Digital sample boards are becoming more common, as a convenient option for interior designers to whip up in a pinch. However, to really bring the “mood” to your board, a physical version has the benefit of providing the tactile experience of each sample. You can also add in extra touches to enhance the “vibe” and make reference to your inspiration – this example uses fresh chillies to complement the glossy red tiles of a kitchen/dining area.

design tip: choosing a white paint is harder than it looks

Choosing White Paint

Although painting walls white might seem like the easy choice for an interior designer, choosing the perfect white is an art in itself. “Pure white” is almost never used, so the designer must consider warm/cool tones, tints, glossy/matte finishes, and how all of these will be affected by the lighting of the space.

it's the little things that turn a house into a home

Turn A House Into A Home

A room can have the most luxurious furniture in the world – but without the smaller finishing touches it is likely to have a cold, empty atmosphere. Don’t forget details such as wall art, cushions, and personal items to give a warmer, lived-in feel

vintage furniture dimensions

Vintage Furniture Dimensions

Ever wonder why different items of furniture are usually a certain height? As shown in this vintage diagram from 1952, the standard measurements are all designed with the average 5’9″ human in mind – quite brilliant when you think about it!

design tip: paint swatches on every wall before you decide on a colour

Swatch Every Wall

Before you decide on a new paint colour for your room, be sure to paint swatches of all your colour options on every wall. This will allow you to fully analyse how it will look under all of the different patterns of lighting from both indoors and outdoors (don’t forget to check how it looks in both day and night!)

design tip: keep your eyes open for inspiration

Keep Your Eyes Open

As a designer, a good skill to practice is being observant of your surroundings. When you see something that sparks your imagination, just snap a photo or write a note. Taking inspiration from places other than the interior design world, such as the colour scheme from a street mural, is likely to result in more original designs.

design tip: substance always trumps style

Substance Trumps Style

The best designers are those who can find compromise between their artistic vision and the practical needs of their client. For example: an expensive white leather sofa would be a very poor choice for a client with kids and a dog, no matter how well it fits in the colour scheme! Something durable and easy to clean might be a better option for a family.

Curated spaces such as hotels, bars and cafes can offer great inspiration

Seek Out Curated Spaces

Some of the easiest places to find examples of interior design are businesses that have paid good money to make their spaces attractive to customers! Take a look around trendy areas to find the latest styles, or typically well off locales to see the most luxurious finishes… and grab a drink while you soak it all in