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When I made the decision to do some more formal study, I decided to fulfill one of my other life passions through undertaking a course in interior design. After years of university level study, I was looking forward to a more practical, hands-on course.

Although I was not bothered by the thought of undertaking the course by correspondence, I was curious as to how such a practical subject might be delivered by correspondence. That question was answered in the very first assignment as I got up close and personal with nature using my camera!  I have to say I was also a little concerned as to whether I would have access to everything I might need to complete the course given that I was living in a small country town and not the ‘interior design capitals’ of Sydney and Melbourne.  It seems like the folk at The Interior Design Academy had thoughts of all of this and in the very first package came a list of all sorts of places where you might acquire samples etc. for free or very cheaply should you need them for assignments.

I loved everything about undertaking the course and eagerly looked forward to getting my assignments back. Tutorials covered a broad range of topics including lighting, paint finishes, colour, textiles, scale drawing, perspective drawing, trends in design, working with clients and starting your own design business.  Feedback from my tutor was very detailed and another tutorial in themselves! I found their comments very important in assisting me in further assignments, especially my major assignment. I also very much appreciated the ability to do the course at my own pace, I was able to complete the assignments as time permitted.  By having flexibility to work at my own pace I was able to complete the assignments to the best of my ability rather than rushing just to get them done.

One of the tutorials covered environmentally sustainable design and as a result of this tutorial and accompanying assignment, I discovered my focus for future work in the field of interior design. I became very interested in the area of designing for clients with particular health needs or those who desire to live in a chemical free environment.

I have been asked by a few people, also interested in doing a course in interior design, where I did my course. I have absolutely no hesitation in telling them it was with The Interior Design Academy.

Oriel Hawke