Lifestyle and occupational changes are not activities to be taken without some trepidation; by enrolling and participating in The Professional Interior Design Course I developed the aptitudes, skill and opportunities required so that I could develop my expertise in the field of interior design and decoration.

This course led me through the various stages of the design process which were explained with very thorough, detailed, highly professional and easily understood instructions. Each section was supported by constructive analysis and suggestions from my tutor regarding my assignments.

The course encouraged me to explore my own creative abilities in both colour and design and especially its application in creating better environmental outcomes which is especially important in this age of conservation.

My design knowledge has expanded greatly. I can now confidently discuss and participate in activities requiring knowledge of design, share experiences and ideas and attend trade shows, technical lectures and seminars presented by professional associations such as the Colour Society and the annual exhibitions held by Decorex and Furnitex.

With the knowledge I have gained, I now know that I can be a success and run my own consulting business. I have already completed a number of projects to the satisfaction of clients who also said they would refer my services to others seeking advice with their design or decoration problems.

You can easily gain new skills and abilities in the design field without having to attend formal training at a TAFE or University institution. I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent quality course to anyone.

Monika Nuesch