I have had a desire and passion for interior design for sometime now. Not knowing how to put this to good use I decided to research interior design schools. I thought that I would benefit from acquired knowledge.

The difficulty was finding the right pathway to this goal to suit my circumstances.

That’s when I came across The Interior Design Academy! I found a course of tutoring that gave me all I needed to gain important knowledge and with this to develop needed skills in the area of interior design.

I could do this course in my own available time frame, with no pressure. As a wife and a mother of three children this was essential.

The vast knowledge and ‘know how’ imparted was indispensable for me from this course. The personal, hands on feel through the entire course was a great motivating factor for me. I was able to tap into the wealth of experience and skills of my personal tutor at anytime as needed.

Reference works from practicing designers were given throughout the tutorials. This made the whole experience very real and practical. I had at my fingertips pointers to work with that may have taken me years to learn.

Feedback from my tutor for assignments was extremely helpful and insightful. They nailed the difficulties I was having and got me through it painlessly.

The course overall was realistic and very practical. It really had given me exactly what I wanted and needed: the sufficient knowledge and confidence leading to the successful opening on a design business. In fact, it has given me a lot more!

Knowledge can be powerful when correctly applied. This course has truly empowered me to greater heights. I have obtained a qualification with sufficient ‘know how’ to accomplish what I always wanted – starting up an interior design business and doing something I really enjoy and, of course, making money from it!

I have since received some great commissions. One in particular has been the refurbish an 1890’s villa which was converted to a rest home. This has been a very exciting project for me.

I have used my tutorials as well as reference sources.  They have proven to be ‘life savers’ in many instances.

I consider this course as a solid foundation on which I can now build my future in the design industry! It has changed my life.

Michele Baker